2010-10-09 06:55:44 (UTC)

10/8 Fri

-mad at jack after getting up b/c he asked me which girl he should sit
when he goes PM--he even thinking about sitting girls!!!
-dropped off car at lil phil's; Mexican lunch; then pissed at Phil
thinking about the phone call incident; told him dont want go reunion
with him; he got mad too
-drove back to palo alto; CVS; got call from Jack apologizing to me;
he came over;
-later Dennis and a girl came over; i got pissed again because i have
the same feeling again--i was never so insecure!!! what's wrong with
me? because he is young? because i'm paying everything and my mind
is not "balanced"?
-they bought beer and Patron but i told him i dont want be with him
and the girl is watching TV so so far no party

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