My Drama, Love, and Everything.
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2010-10-08 03:31:53 (UTC)

Problems, With Everything.

Dear Diary,

Why am I the victim? His smile makes me melt, with his words beside
me. His laugh, his looks, his actions are all so...Amazing. <3
Concerns go through my head about him cheating on me. I love him like
the world, and it's the first time I actually felt love, and i'm only
12! <3 (: He's really something special to me, and we're going out. I've
worked my butt of and heart & soul for his love, and I won. (:

1 Concern:
I think he's cheating on me with A LOT of other girls. Because, he only
has girls as his friends, and no guy friends. :/ I don't know if this is
a sign, but they always talk with him, and flirt with him. Sometimes, I
see that they leave flirty comments on his MSN page. I don't know... :/

2 Concern:
I Love Him Too Much. <3

The Concerned,
Melissa <3