Diary of a Break Up
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2010-10-06 23:53:11 (UTC)


The way you loved me

The way you loved me was strong and true
The way you loved me was like only a few
The way you loved me made me complete
The way you loved me was all I need

You don't love me the way you did
You don't love me and left me sad
You don't love what we had
You just don't love me and that's that.

You don't miss our life together
You don't miss the " I love you's forever"
You don't miss the plans we had
You don't miss me and it breaks my heart.

And here I am
Still loving you strong and true
Still loving you and needing you
Still loving you and dreaming you of you
Still hoping and praying for you

Still crying night after night
Still thinking about you the whole time

Still missing our life together
Still feeling like I'll love you forever
Still missing the plans we had
Still trying to get over my broken heart.