miss christina
2010-10-06 04:38:29 (UTC)

is it pitty

so i thought that i was in love but i ahve come to see that maybe i
was not. i used to be a player and i never wanted to settle down.
but with this person i have changed i want to settle down and i want
to be with this person for like ever. but you see i ahve a problem .
they dont want a relationship and she wants to just be friends i
guess. i am tryin to find out if she really loves me too.. but i
never get an answer. she had told me i cant live with her without a
job so she made me leave that night i got mugged and... she dont
want me on the streets at night at she said i can stay wit
her cause i have no where to go. so i feel like im there cause she
pittys me. cause i ahve no where to go so she feels sorry for me.
but you see we went out with my parents the other day and she acted
like my girlfriend. we are not together and she does not tell people
we are.. but i do.. and she knows that. she does not tel me to not
tell people that we are not together. So ya. we are sexual
sometimes. she tells me sometimes she loves me. She cuddles with me
at night and stuff. but does she pitty me? am i around cause she
fels sorry for me? i want to be a priority not burden

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