taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2010-10-05 16:21:02 (UTC)

For the morons with signs at Ouellette and Tecumseh

Ok. Ok. Okay.

Life is definately something I think we can all agree on
as being a very important... thing. Period. I get it.
100%. In my professional opinion, it's not even worth
debating the pros, cons, God, rape, incest, contraception,
punishing the unborn, when does human life begin, women's
bodily rights, etc., etc., etc., etc. It's been done a
million times for millions of hours - both sides have
firmly dug in their heels and do not want to budge.

So let's gets hypothetical for a second. Boom. It's 2021,
the pro life side took the title and abortions are now
illegal. Perfect world, all fetus babies are safe. Wrong!
Unplanned pregnancies still happen, rape still happens,
and pregnancy complications still happen. Despite the
increased education and information available to the
public on preventative measures and alternatives,
abortions are still taking place, only now they are
performed by unauthorized entities, underground clinics,
and, in some cases, desperate women are performing
abortions on themselves; coat hangers are back. The life
that the anti-abortion laws were put in to protect is now
being subject to dangerous medical practices on an
alarming scale.

Outlawing something does not eradicate it. Look at the
historical examples: prohibition, prostitution, narcotics.

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