one million truths
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2010-10-04 08:18:13 (UTC)


You're so full of love.
I would've never found any of you if you hadn't encouraged
me to join in. I don't have the guts. I owe you so much for
your love.
I've never ever been angry at you, and I don't think I ever
will. Please, don't worry if you think I'm acting strange. I
always mess up somehow; I say the wrong thing, and it'll be
misinterpreted. I'm terrible with things like that. I owe
you too much to turn on you.
Although recently I've been worried that I've been the one
annoying you;;. If that's the message you've been trying to
send me, then I'm sorry. Not that it makes much of a
difference I guess, heh;;.
You're probably one of the most sensible friends I've ever
had. Almost all of my previous friends have had flaws; most
of them being overly bold and blind to any reason asides
their own. But you seem to be on just the right page...
When Akira was hassling Nano, even though I knew him
spamming her shoutbox, going in there and doing it too --to
balance things out, and make her more comfortable--; that
didn't even occur to me. It never would've. At that point in
time, what I thought was "Chris is amazing".
You are amazing, Chris.