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2010-10-03 20:56:57 (UTC)


Sorry I haven't written in a while. I just didn't have anything to
say. I really don't have much to say at all lately.

So on to the entry.

I'm not a very nice person. I don't like the whole fragile female
thing that seems to be a stereotype here. So when people piss me off I
tend to hit them to get them to understand that I didn't like what
they did. I'm not one with words either, so it's kinda hard for me to
express feelings. That's kinda why I started this. I wanted to be able
to express my feelings and know that I might be judged on it, but at
least other people might understand why their siblings act the way
that they do.

I'm the fifth kid, as you've read from previous entries, so I'm not
really the spoiled one. I'm the one that is always getting in trouble
because the little one is getting me in trouble. It's annoying because
she gets whatever she wants.

Earlier today she was being annoying. See, we share a bunk bed. So she
sleeps right under me. Well, it just so happens that she likes to poke
her hand through the bars and lift my bed up. I don't happen to like
that. So I asked her to stop. She didn't. I asked again. She didn't.
So I jumped up on the bed and onto her hand.

She didn't like that. She got all pissy and then started to poke up
the rest of my bed. So I jumped down, and I kick her, not hard, in the
femur. So what does she do? Goes crying to daddy.

Dad's all pissed now, because I hit his little girl and "hurt" her. He
didn't even let me explain. So, how am I supposed to go to my parents
in situations, if I feel that they only do things for those that are
being in the wrong.

I know it's not that big of an irritant, but still. I don't think that
I can trust daddy right now, just because he doesn't listen to the
full story.

So that's what's going on right now. I'll talk to you soon. I hope.