Haters/ Lovers
2010-10-02 05:23:22 (UTC)

Boys, Boys, Boys!

The past couple days have been absolutely amazing! Ever since
Wednesday the guy I really, really like has been so sweet and fun. He
is always putting his arm around me, hugging me, smiling at me,
winking at me etc... Its totally awesome the only part is my friend
likes him to and I mean she really likes him as well. He told her on
Saturday that he liked her but now he is being all flirty and sweet
with me. It is so confusing! Tomorrow he is going to see her
volleyball game and everyone thinks they are a couple but he is just
so much more himself around me. I tend to bring that out in guys
because I am just so care-free I guess. So it's been an up and down
week because we have no idea who he likes and who he is just messing
around with. Worst part is that I have never ever liked anyone as much
as I like him and same with her. Boys, boys, boys! Why oh why do you
have to be so confusing :/