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2010-09-30 10:23:26 (UTC)

9/28 tuesday

-had 6 hours sleep; got up at 10 to get ready and go airport
-dropped off some stuffs at home; didn't get lin's call; so came in
the house; glad i checked email again and lin was held up in Macao b/c
of problem with visa
-jack finished up cleaning and putting stuffs in car; came to office;
new warehouse--first time really looking at how many boxes and how
many work i still need to do and how inefficient and wasteful they
work when i'm not there;
-came back to Lin's; jack took the car;
-Mao to go; home unpacking;
-bb came back; watched dvr while eating dinner; fell asleep after;
woke up at 11:30; unpacked everything; watched tv; bb was pissed i
didn't want have sex; went to sleep around 3 or 4

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