Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2010-09-30 04:02:33 (UTC)

It's been 5 months!!

Hey diary, Sorry I haven't written in 5 months! My laptop broke and
it's was great! It was nice knowing that I don't need to depend on my
laptop allll the damn time! I did other things with my time :)


In July my close friend got married and yes... I was one of her
bridesmaid! My boyfriend came along as well and a bunch of old friends
from our previous job- great memories!

I did get a p/t job this past summer but only for about a month. Pink,
rather, Victoria Secret is the worst company to work for! STAY AWAY!
However, it could've just as well been my fault considering I knew I
was the oldest employee working as an associate. I didn't like feeling
like I should be treated as a teenager, as someone who never worked in
retail before- it wasn't for me anymore and I left asap.

What else...

I'm still in school and it's the source of my depression. When will it
be over?!?! Eventually it will HAVE to happen and I know for a fact
because I am near the end :) Yay me!

That's all I can think of right off the top of my head.

I'll write in you more often now that I have my baby back!