2010-09-30 00:17:05 (UTC)

Bernard Sander

Uggh. idk what to do. There is this Girl in our class named Molly Ledden. She
and Bernie were "dating" for a week and then he kept meaning to dump her but
didn't wanna do it over the phone or email. so he was gonna do it on monday
morning. You see.... bernie told EVERYONE else in the grade (small school)
before he told Molly so someone else told molly before he could. btw izzy is
the biggest blabber fat mouth on the face of this earth so if u tell her
something, you tell every single person. So anyway, Molly was mad and in the
mean time, in one day bernie asked 2 other girls in the class out. Molly was
pissed but then that night they got back together. My friends and i keep telling
her she is being stupid but she won't listen. She never does. And anyway, to
the point of this entry....

everyone in the class was messing around while the teacher was out of the
class and Bernie tried to stopped me from talking to this guy on the other side
of the room. He put his arm in front of me to stop me and then he moved me
over and pushed me into a desk. I was then sent tpo the principles office with
him and it was really scary.He was nice and said it was all his fault tho. Still
pissed. FUCKING pissed. and sad :(