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2010-09-25 21:56:32 (UTC)

It's so frickin cold!

It's so frickin cold!
and I have to walk to work
and its a stupid time to go to work
like midnight
till 4 in the morning
who would be out in town today?
its awful!
That means itll only be the people who really want to be
out, who in turn will be all the freaks
its so cold! and I cant be bothered
I know its my last day but jesus christ what a day to make
it last
and then I have an early start so ill have to come back
and pack my stuff
a week and a day till i go now and I can't wait now
also can't wait to 3 days with the mrs in her new house
although im going to be really sad when i have to go back
but still back to the point
its so cold! and i dont want to work
and everyone will be drunk
and ill be like whos next? and then theyll tell me and ill
have to make their drink...sigh

still need to think of a end note...
in abit will have to suffice until ive found a suitable
in abit!

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