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2010-09-24 19:22:59 (UTC)

Sir Duke

Sooooo start of a new diary
a new journal
a place for me to place my thoughts, feelings....
the awe inspiring ideas that sprout from my head
writers block
I used to have a diary but then the site shut down or
something and so i havent written in one for a while but I
just felt that maybe I should start one again.
see how my life pans out from starting this to when the
site inevitably breaks and we go our seperate ways

worries me abit that the site takes a note of my I.P

God I really love stevie wonder at the moment, I think I
would trade my ability to see in order to play music that
and be that smooth

anyways thats all I've got for now

Ill write here again when I feel like it
because im like that
a rebel without a cause
who really likes stevie wonder :D

in abit!