Confessions of a married woman
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2010-09-24 15:54:25 (UTC)

WTF is going on!!!?!

Yesterday was my "date" with G. Of course being his usual
self he forgot. I had facedbooked him earlier making fun
of why he lost our numbers on his phone, as he asked for
everyone's number because he had replaced his phone. He
never replied, fuck it. On my way home from work, I
texted him so that he could have my number again, he
texted me back but never mentioned anything
about "tonight" and I sure as hell wasn't going to remind
him, why should I he was the one that wanted to go out
with me. I got home and I WAS going to go jogging, but
instead I took a nap, a very long one appearently. I woke
up to the ringing of my phone it was my husband asking me
if I wanted anything to eat. I was hungry so I did ask
him to grab me something, while I was on the phone I got a
text from G asking what I was doing, this is how he is
usually going to ask me out. I told him I had just woken
up from a nap and I was about to eat because I was hungry.
He replied with "lazy" I replied with "No not really I
got home from work, showered got ready and was waiting to
hear from you since you said you wanted to hang out today"
and he said: "Oh well it is still early (mind you it was
9pm on a Thursday) we can still go out if you want (WTF is
he serious" I said: "No, I'm lazy, plus I'm about to eat"
he said "mmmm..pues... (which means make up your mind more
or less)" He tried to blame me that I didn't remind him,
why should i? Anyway he said, "I would as if you want to
do something this weekend, but I'm working, do you want to
do something tomorrow?" I repsonded with "it's cool, no
I'm actually booked for the weekend." He responded "oh
mrs. popular" I said, "yup you need to book in advance to
get a date/hang with me, had I known you were going to
forget today, I would of totally have booked someone else"
lol I got no reply, but all this is true! I am booked for
the weekend! Yay! I usually say no to G but decided to say
yes to him for yesterday as it was Thursday, no big loss
on my time. hahah I'm evil!

Today is R's bday! I still haven't met the boy. I don't
know when I will :( I guess theonly way I will meet him
is when I ask for the day off on one of his days off. I
own him a birthday present that I promised him. ;) Can't
wait to make him happy hahah :)

Yesterday I was chatting with my online friend R oh boy
another R.. I;ll call this one RJ he is totally cool. We
get along very well and he seems very interesting. He
LIKE dancing for a change.. a guy that likes to dance!
what!??! He knows how to dance salsa, I'm so excited
because i don't and I've been wanting to learn so.. he's
totally up for it. We exchanged numbers yesterday I hae
yet to talk to him so we will see when we take that step.
he wants to meet me and I guess I do too he's not really
my type to be honest, but he has stuff going for him he's
a writer, he's a DJ (retired), just seems like he has his
act together. It will be fun to see what theis guy is
about :)

I'm just glad today is Friday! TGIF! Have a great
weekend everyone.

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