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2010-09-24 04:29:46 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Today during lunch, I helped apply a vast amount of
black eye shadow to my boyfriend's face, giving him a
beard, moustache, and unibrow.
He ran about the school in a wolf mask, running into
classes and howling. He ran into mine, with this bloody
and kissed me through the mask.
The whole class was shocked. He grinned, laughed and ran
from the class. Mrs. Iverson stood there in a kind of
shock as her whole class erupted in laughter and screams.
Everyone stared at me as if it was MY fault a man struck
with lycanthropy ran into the room laughing like an idiot.
I announced to the class, "Yeah- he's my boyfriend."
Kayla, Natalie, Joanna, and all the other girls who were
ever bitches to me looked like they wanted to throw a
bitch fit. Everyone commented on how brave and sweet the
act was; Ben wouldn't stop staring at me, and Evan
couldn't complain loudly enough that he "smelled bad."
I thought the funniest comment was Zach's: "I thought he
was going to eat her!"
After school Dad took us to see Marty and Lily at the
beach. It was fun, with good food and people commenting on
how well I draw (I drew Rookwood). After I was bored with
the adult stuff I went down to the shore and picked up
half a ton of mussels.
In other news, I got accepted to driving school! I'm
going this Saturday for my first day, and then afterward
baby's giving me a special night. I really think I'm kind
of falling for him, which is weird, because I thought
being in love would feel better.
I don't know, I think there's something missing from our
relationship: a FRIENDSHIP. I mean, we always kiss or hug
or something while we're in each other's presence. But
lately it's been making both myself and my friends
uncomfortable. I want to be able to joke with him, because
I'm always so obsessed with impressing him I can't have
the relaxed I'm-truly-being-me state that I have with my
I'm ranting. Gotta go love.

Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily

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