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2010-09-24 03:03:29 (UTC)


okay, so there is this new kid Bernie in our middle school class. He is SUPER cute
and really nice. I had a crush on him in the begining of the year but now we are
just really good friends. So today in health, we had to write the five steps to
making a decision and Bernie and I both wanted to write the 4th step so we both
ran up to the board and started fighting over who write what on the board.

writing this out now makes this sound a lot weirder than it actually was if u were

Anywayz, we started fighting and bumping each other over. (I would say body
slamming, but that would sound weird and sexual and not at all what it was
like.) so he has a girlfriend and I am not in any relation ships so of course I was
the main person that got accused of hitting on him. THis one guy Andrew told
everyone that I was hitting on him and within like 5 mins the whole grade knew.
(I go to a private school so its small and things travel FAST)

So then all of my friends started saying I was flirting and hitting and totally
loved him ad the only people that believed me were Lexy morgan and like 2
others. EVEN my cousin and her best friends the bitches of the west kept saying
I was flirting and really liked him. All I was thinking the rest of the day was fuck.
fuck fuck fuck. I GOTTA think of a person to "have a crush on" so that this bitch
of a cousin tyson I have does not freak out at me. thank god bernie and his
gf(my best friend) molly believe me. Bernie and I have been friends the whole
year. good friends too. I hate these fucking Bitches that we have in our world.

uggh. fuck my life right now. :( :( :( :(