Confessions of a married woman
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2010-09-22 15:17:49 (UTC)

Happy Hump Day!

Wow this is gonna be and been a BUSY week!!!!!!!!

Monday I called in because I was sick, so I stayed home
and just did a little bit more cleaning up and spend
quality time with my doggie. My mom, sister and nephew
came to visit me as well... aweee!

Tuesday, yesterday, I had a date with some guy I met on
line. I took the date last minute because I had nothing
better to do really. He was very good looking, he was 39,
we met at this South African Bar and Grill, that he told
me to meet him at. It was funny because when I walked in
there it seemed like it was JUST a bar, with saw dust on
the floor and some country style bar stools. I was going
right after work so I was in my work clothes, a dress and
some really cute pumps, I open the BAR door and it was
like the music stopped... I hurried down the bar room on
to the patio where he claimed he would be. Sure enough
there he was. He was cute and we had a great
conversation. I'm not sure if he was digging me or not...
I kinda had mixed thoughts but.... as far as me... ehh I
was a bit iffy... he's a great person to hang out with
though, very entertaining :)

Wednesday, tonight, I'm going out with T, we have been
emailing, texting, talking for three weeks now, he is C's
co-worker that I "don't know about" he's been asking me to
go out for a while and I have just been putting it aside,
but yesterday he asked me twice, so.. Eff it.. I'm going
to happy hour with him. I'm excited :).

Thursday, tomorrow, night I have a "date" with G, the guy
who left me hanging two weeks ago when we were suppoes to
go to the club... yea well him... he asked if I wanted to
go out on Thursday and I said sure, I have said no to him
one too many times, besides we havent hung out in a WHILE
so, it would be cool to see what he is up to.

Friday, my cousin and I want to go dancing to Downtown,
hopefully she won't flake on me! I have a feeling she is
though, we will see, if all goes wrong, I guess I can just
hang out at home and do my house work as I have a busy Sat
and Sun.

Saturday, my former co-worker/friend invited me to go
dancing with her and the girls to another club in LA I
sorta wanna go, but I have mixed feelings we will see. I
totally wanna party though. I lvoe dancing :) I also
have a party that I was invited to by my cousin, but it is
too far, I think I'm gonna skip that one.

Sunday, I have a date with J, it is yearly date, we go to
the county fair every year, it is the only time I see him
hahah.. but last year we had so much fun making fun of
people, and just laughing and getting semi drunk at the
fair, riding the slide.. etc...

Wow I'm a busy bee! i better get back to work!

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