taking heed

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2010-09-22 10:45:13 (UTC)

body commodification

I got my second tattoo yesterday. It is of a barcode. I
got it because I wanted a tattoo annnnnddddd "we're all
sluts, cheap products," right? I've wanted a barcode for
as long as I can remember. It looks tops but is located on
my waist, seriously cramping my pants/undies wearing
style. Absolutely zero forethought went into this aspect
of selecting this particular location.

My tattoo artist was a girl named Krystal (I later found
out via the business card she handed me). She is a fan of
decapitation and had her arm on my groinal area the entire
time. I was not worried, however, as the pain was giving
me a derection. Still, I'm glad it wasen't a dude.

I should have eaten something beforehand.

Did I mention I hate CMT?