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2010-09-22 08:44:21 (UTC)

Feeling Blue and afraid on my Love

Today,everything is not fine at all since early morning
and even with my love. To be honest , I am a bisexual guy
and I have one love who will be with me for my whole life.
But,there were some errors with my love.he is older than me
but he always talk me in rough even for small things. I
don't want this.Between us, things are different much.He
came from rich family but I'm not.He has quick mind and I am
such a cold and steady guy. I feel lonely and afraid about
our fate and also him. I wish him to be patient upon me
that's why i think that he's older than me.I always wished
it.But,that's uneasy one.Arr.....! I really like peace love
with understandings with each other.Ok,ok,......sigh! I will
pray for that.

Wed,Sep 22,2010.

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