Teenage life
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2010-09-22 04:35:01 (UTC)

i love him...

most of you think this is going to be about me loving a
guy. well yes it is a guy, but this guy made this world he
died on the cross for me. i love him. and i just want to
say we ALL sin! so today at volleyball pratice i got
beyond pissed off, and i said "fuck" and well this girl
heard me, annddd then later on she got mad at me because
she didnt get her way and i got mine.. andd well then
later after pratice she texted me and said you say your a
christian but you drop the f bomb like itss not a big
deal, guess your not a chritstian...okay, so just like
everyone eles, this made me MAD! but i tryed to keep my
cool and i just said back to her, its not your descion if
im a christian or not. its Gods. but ugh it still gets
under my skin that she said that to me, 1st off, this girl
doesnt even know me. like really? and then EVERYONE sins!
so does she! so she really has no room to talk! but
whatever i know im right.

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