Starrix Tigerlily

Hope, Lies, and Magick
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2010-09-22 02:11:24 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Why are my daydreams so fucked-up and confusing?
Seriously. They really are.
I have an elaborate daydream, with a few main
characters. Pavi and Luigi, from Repo! are the main guys.
In these daydreams, I'm Lily Evans, Harry Potter's
mother. If I forget by I'm old (I'd better not) Lily
married James Potter but Severus Snape was in love with
But I'm not ACTUALLY Lily Evans. I'm her sister
Petunia's daughter, and my name is Lily Dursley, making
Dudley my brother, Lily my aunt, and Harry my cousin. I'm
the spitting image of Lily, though, and a witch, which
makes Petunia resent me.
Harry and I were both resented and best friends, but
when I was ten, two wizards who had just escaped from a
small jail in Italy kidnapped me. One was wanted for the
mass murders of several hundred people; one was wanted for
the rape of another few hundred, as well as stealing their
faces. They were Luigi and Pavi Largo respectivly. I
presume Pavi wanted to rape me, but Luigi wanted to keep
their image down, so he waited.
After a week in captivity Luigi came to like me and took
advantage of my loving ten-year-old self. I allowed them
to stay in my shed in secret.
After about a year, only Harry knew they were staying in
my abanonded shed, and Luigi and Pavi told me the amazing
story of wizards, magic, and spells. They understood I was
a witch, so they made a promise to teach me magic so long
as I did everything and anything they told me to. They'd
be my masters.
I agreed under an Unbreakable Vow that I would be
their "pupil" until I was seventeen. So they taught me
magic after buying me a wand and breaking into the
Ministry of Magic and untracking my wand.
They forced me to sell Zyrdate in Knockturn Alley and
taught me all sorts of magic tricks as well as physical
ones. Luigi's a huge fighter and taught me all about
deathly pressure points and where to snap arms. Pavi
teaches me where to knock a woman out at.
Together, they both teach me Dark Arts, such as how to
kill someone properly, bury them, make them suffer,
everything. Then Luigi teaches me Charms, Transfiguration
and Runes; Pavi teaches me Rufies (Potions), Care for
Magical Creatures and Arithmancy.
But outside, I'm still struggling to peddle Zydrate in
Knockturn Alley, an illgal potion made of brain juice and
other horrifying things. I become "friends" with
Mundungas, as well as come to know the shopkeepers of
Borgin and Burkes. They resent me, but are frightened of
Pavi and Luigi so they normally give me things at a
Living with Luigi and Pavi comes at a price. Luigi is
ALWAYS slicing me with a knife for any small thing, and it
isn't a normal knife- it makes wounds you can't heal with
any magic. He yells a lot and cusses and drinks, but
underneath he truly loves me. He has a partial reason for
the abuse; he does it so I can "man up" and I'll be able
to take a hit as well as give one. Pavi is different. He
talks in his soft Italian accent but he's a face stealing
rapist, so he's always pinching my face and holding me
close and slipping things into my drinks.
Normally we're in the presence of Snape and the Order.
Snape sees me and is horrified at how closely I resemble
Lily. And then he sees how Luigi and Pavi treat me. And
that's it. It always ends with Snape feeling protectant
over me, and resenting them.

Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily

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