teanage gypsy
2010-09-21 20:13:26 (UTC)

Please anwser!!

Hey, all ya'll bloggers... Checking in from nowheresville
USA. Where watching the rain coming down is the main
source of enterainment...

WHo would like to be an atress or a singer? I know i
would . Becasuse i have been in plays, Sang in choir and

I can't though... I mean its not my fault. They don't
understand my passion... I always wanted to be an actress
and a singer. Well, i am a singer but i would like to make
my own money and put out records... and to see if i can
make it to the top ten on the billboard charts.

I have applied for auditions... and they wated to see me.
but my husband wouls'nt met me. One day when i can go to
LA. I will go to an audtion... and after doing a show i'll
become a professional singer. rember this name: Jessica

Who would like to be an actress or a singer?

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