Confessions of a married woman
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2010-09-21 15:14:35 (UTC)

Weekends are made for fun

This weekend was a fun weekend. On Friday, I just stayed
home and dind't really do much. Saturday night I just had
to go dancing, I havent been in a WHILE so, my cousin and
I had made plans the prior weekend to go out on Saturday.
I got ready with my mini dress, high heels, make-up, hair,
pedicure, the whole 9 yards. For a minute I thought my
cousin was going to flake on me she called me to ask me if
we could leave at ten instead of the planned 8:45. I just
wanted to be there before 10 to get in free, I told her no
because I didnt want to pay for the entrance. Anyhow, it
all worked out, I picked her up, she wasnt feeling very
well, but at least she didn't leave me hanging :) We
drove to WC and we were there just on time. I hadn't been
there for over a year but I still had a free pass for up
to 4 people. There were two girl behind us and they were
asking us what the covercharge was, I didn't know,but I
told them I have a pass for four so if they wanted to come
in with us it was fine, we were about a minute or two late
from the time to go in free, and the pass looked shady,
but then again it was more than a year old pass LOL...
sure enough they let us through...wooohooo, they thanked
us and we went our separate ways. We sat at the bar, and
I ordered a cranberry and vodka, my cousin didn't order
anything as she was on meds (lame), so I was the only one
drinking, some guy was looking over at me and I could feel
his eyes on me... i turned to the right, over my cousin,
and sure enough he was, I smiled and thats, he was alright
just a lil gangstaish and his friend was not cute at all,
not to mention short! Anyway, he asked if he could dance
with me later, I said , "yea sure later" my cousin and I
were just talking and I orderd myself AMF, he came to my
side and asked if he could talk to me.. I was thinking to
myself, what is up with guys now a days, they want a
dance, but yet dont even offer to buy you a drink,
whatever! So I told him I was in the middle of a
conversation with my cousin and that we could talk later.
Finally the club started filling up, and the music was
playing it was getting good, it did get good. My cousin
and I danced together, then guys would come up to us dance
with us, we would separate, get back together, etc...I got
the cutest boy dancing with me ever, he was soooo freaking
cute! He was new to LA and he was just adorable, I could
tell he was a little drunk, he asked me "what are you
looking for" I hate that fucking question. I said "I'm
not looking for anything, I just came to dance" he said
well I just want to hook up and with you because you are
really cute. I said thanked him but told him that A. I
had my cousin with me and B. I just wasn't going to do
that with someone I didn't even know. Anyway he
was "disappointed" and we stoppped dancing. Then we
started dancing withsoemoen else, and I got tired of
dancing with him so I told my cousin I was going to the
restroom, she came along. I went to another part of the
club another room for dancing, and OMG! OMG! I saw
someone I recognized, remember that guy... that I talked
about in one of my other entries?? BRB I need to pee!

Back! So I recognized some eyes, some beautiful eyes that
I had looked into before, he too recognized me because as
I was walking our eyes were locked, gawd, I just think
about him and I get this tingly feeling. Anyway, I kept
trying to bump into him all night so that he could talk to
me, dance with me anything! He didn't. :( I wonder if he
really is married? Last entry I had met him in a club in
LA he was there with his brother-in-law, his wife's
brother, he told me his wife was pregnant, blah blah, at
one time our lips locked but it was just a peck, but
honestly I have never gotten him out of my mind, I don't
know why, I don't even know him! So when I saw him on
Saturday, I nearly melted, I wanted to go up to him so
bad, so bad, but I didn't. Why should i? I saw him
dancing with some girl, I danced next to him, see if we
could make some type of contact, I think he refused :( or
he didn't "see" me...I hope he didn't see me. Anyway, I
danced with a lot of guys, I was dancing with this one, he
was cute, he had a cute smile, my height even with me
wearing heels, so not too bad. I told him I was tired and
I wanted to go sit, so that I could get rid of him, but he
said he'd go with me... geeeesh! what does one do in this
case? lol Anyway we talked for a bit, totally not what I'm
looking for, he was very sweet, he found his friends which
were HOT!!! Esp the drunk one.. geesh he was hot. Anyway,
he was sweet, but I didnt feel it. He asked me for my
number, I gave it to him, but it just seems it willbe a
friendship thing if anything. At one point when I was
standing int he patio looking out, some guy was driving
out of the parking lot, he looked at me parked his car,
asked my name and gave me his card and asked that I called
him, he was totally cute :) I havent called him. I
wonder if he was just being nice? Hmm I guess I'll send
him a text or something. Sunday was a chill day, cleaned,
washed, cleaned some more, organized and went to my
nephew's birthday party. It was fun, came back home and
got online with some friends. I was really hoping to go
down and meet Rob, but he was still sick so I didn't ask,
oh well.

Anyway, I'm still thinking of mysterious man... I hope
that I bump into him again. I don'tknow what it is about
him. I know he "likes" me otherwises why when he saw me
and "recognized" me did our eyes locked and he just kept
his eyes on my eyes, right? *sigh*

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