Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-09-21 06:41:22 (UTC)


Things come in cycles. Sometimes they come in three's,
sometimes they just come when you're knocking on a door
you've been standing in front of for a very long time. It's
no ones fault, it just simply is what it is. I for one have
felt the walls come down, sometimes light as a feathered
kiss, sometimes like a thundering gale. You will weather the
storm, you may fall down, but you will survive, though it
may not seem like it at the time. Things fall. People fail.
People disappoint. Things don't always go your way, no
matter how much you claw away at the face of it, it all
comes down to how you compose yourself in the aftermath. How
you pick yourself up and walk away from the remains of what
was, and into the limelight of what is going to be, is the
real test of character. Life is pain, if you're not in pain,
you're not living. Survival isn't enough anymore, it never
was, it'll never be.

Sometimes we fall. Let go. Flow with the river. Be a Leaf on
the wind.