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2010-09-20 18:09:55 (UTC)

My favorite drama

Well, my high school minded Ex was texting me again today.
Same old stuff. She starts a text flow going then stops
suddenly. No good bye or "I gotta go". Just stops. So I'm
there like a fool waiting for a response that never comes.

Then maybe 6 hours later, she chimes in. MF beeatch!!! She
was talking about the kids and I'm ok with that. This is one
of the only things that I do try to communicate with her on
because I know all her stupid fucking mind games already.

I have told her to stick with one man and try to have a
drama free life with the guy.

Anyway, she needed paperwork and I already gave her copies
of it awhile ago. Well, I now I had no clue where all the
stuff are because I just moved and I have most of my stuff
in boxes. Unbelievable!!! This bitch just does not plan
things whatsoever.

Anyway, I finally find the papers. Called and texted her
back saying I found it and lets hook up and I can give it to
her. Of course, she is gone virtually. She responds 6
fucking hrs later. She now wants the papers dropped off at
her work place during her lunch so she can take it somewhere
after work.

Now she says if I don't do it, can I take care of the
paperwork for her? Well, I say fuck you to that!! If it was
that important to her, she should have called me to get it
planned and done.

The most I will do is either bring it to work with me and
she can pick it up there or I can leave it at my front door
for her to pick up tomorrow.

Anyway, now she sees I'm not taking any of her mind games.
So, she now says that she is scared for the kids. WTF??? I
ask her to elaborate on this. Actually, I ask her to please
explain what she means because she is a stupid spic!

She is shrewed, sly, and ever the dodger of questions. She
just says she is scared for them. So I tell her if they are
in danger from her psycho boyfriend and if she didn't call
the cops, then she is a fucking faaaaabulous Mom.

Again, I ask the Ex if this is really important, perhaps we
should talk on the phone and not text. What really happened
was that I was pissed and said "these fucking games are
killing me! If the kids are in danger, then stop fucking
around and call me!"
Now that I read what I just typed, I think it would have
been better if I just said to "please elaborate" :)

Finally, I just got tired and turned off my phone. If it's a
game to get on my nerves, then no harm no foul. If what she
says is really true, then it's her bad. She is the bio-mom
so she should have a bit more common sense and natural
motherly instincts to do what she needs to do as a Mom.

A psycho, is a psycho, is a psycho..... sigh...

I am tired.
I am drained.
I am fucked (unfortunately not in a fun way).

I am trying to grow a pair. Last one I had was just a little
too blue for me. lol

I'm copying the "I am" part of this journal from a virtual
friend of mine in Michigan. Hope she doesn't mind.