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2010-09-20 00:43:08 (UTC)

Maybe Money

Dear Diary,
Chris and Mom are outside arguing about money, what a
change. Mom's refusing to give him another cent and I'm
proud of her.
In other news, I reflected that I liked going shopping
yesterday. It was great to spend and get rainbow socks and
a bright gray bow. So I've decided to apply for a job.
I checked things out. I can be employed during the
school year, I can only work three hours a day and
eighteen hours a week. On non-school days (summer and
weekends) I can work eight hours a day and forty hours a
week. I can work no later than 7 p.m. during the school
year, which is lame, because I might have to drop my 6.5
so I can run home, get ready, and bolt to work.
By work, I mean Petco (maybe). I applied online and am
hoping for an email SOOOOO freaking bad. I have to go to
school and apply for a work permit, too, which is pretty
Oh, God, I really really want this. I'll hate it when I
have it ("OMG I don't wanna go to work today") but I'll
have money.
I've been reading reviews online, all of which say that
they don't train their employees, they yell, you have to
clean animal cages (I never even considered that gross
possibility, but now that I think about it...), and other
I feel so confident that I'll get the job. I don't know
why- Andrew applied for it, but he didn't get it. But
through a biased point of view, I'm sexy, I'm bright and
cheery, talkative, I love animals, and I'm a girl.
I'm already imagining my interview:
"Hi, I'm Katie Dugan, a sophomore at Poway High school.
Thanks SO much for interviewing me. I'm president of
Operation Beautiful at PHS, which is kind of like a self-
esteem booster. I've been a babysitter, I've had quite a
few jobs.
"I LOVE animals. I've had everything from birds to dogs
to cats to hamsters to fish to snakes. I don't really have
any allergies or anything, and I'm up for the job!"
I'll be perky and happy and they'll just have to get
through the fact that I'm fifteen. I'll be amazing, oh yes
I will. I never thought having such a range of pets would
be such a benefit.
Even if I don't get the job, I'll look at Stater Bros,
Kahoots, Walgreens, Ultra Star, Baskin Robbins, the
library, the Hamburger Factory, Denny's, Henry's, and the
veternary down the street.
I just HAVE to get a job. Minimum wage is about $8, and
after taxes that'd be about twenty bucks a day, more than
I make in a months around here. After I week I'd have over
sixty, and after that- over a hundred. Amazing! Oh, please
oh please let me get this job. I'm going to do a special
spell tonight, then tomorrow I'll apply for my work
permit. After that, I'll go scope out Petco and grab
applications from a few other places.
I'm so excited.

Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily