Chance Wrobel

Thoughts from a fuckup
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2010-09-19 02:55:09 (UTC)


The one, the amazing
The light to my dark
the candle to my match
and the flame to my heart

You are thou art
Beautiful, and smart
You are my everything
My world and my thoughts
Invading my head the most wonderous of ways,
I love you.

You are simply put, the most awesometacular girl on the face
of this planet. A few days and alot of talking is all I
needed to realize how hard I fell for you. I cannot explain
what has happened now, I cannot expect anything more. I have
learned not to question the ways of love, as they are too
complicated for humans to understand.. There is more than
just physical attraction, and there is more than just
emotional attachment.. When the two meet in perfect
harmony.. You have yourself, your own love.. My own personal
angel.. You are probably the most amazing thing to ever
happen to me in my recent life as short as it has been so
far. A simple bad dream can spark the conversation that
makes my night. All a conversation like that needs is your
voice. Simply hearing the cheesy way you say "I love you
too" makes my heart flutter around inside my chest. I cannot
understand the simplest of feelings when I am talking to
you. I want you to be here, with me all the time. I wish
that I could hold you and never let you go. That is my
dream, so I am sure everything will work out in the end.
With some kind of astronomical compromise, where the worlds
align perfectly.. That is what it will take to get me to
you. I just want to feel your touch, and to know that you
are there and never going to leave. I want to hold you
forever and never let you go. I just can't put into words
how much I love you. You are the most gorgeous girl I have
ever meet and you are smart and I just can't believe how
well we get along. It's like no matter what you say or do I
will always love you with all of my heart. I feel like I can
say anything to you, and not have to worry about anything at
all. I am so lucky to have found you so young. Lauren
Michaela Wrobel, or Chance Devin Way... Sorry, my last name
is better :3 I love you so much... I just wish that you were
here with me and I never had to let you out of arms reach so
anytime I wanted you next to me I could hug you and kiss
you. I mean, by that theory... you would never be alone. So
I guess maybe I need to set my goals a little lower. Maybe
just having you in the same city could be a good start. It
is much better here than in nowheresville, Nebraska... You
said it yourself :3 I don't think I can even begin to
imagine how lucky I really am to have you, baby

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