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2010-09-17 19:00:05 (UTC)

Slow progress

Today has been a pretty good day. Lots of stuff getting
accomplished or finished up. I finally got my passport in
the mail. Yay!!!! Now I am just anticipating my cruise
coming up and fingers crossed the lovely bf will take me
somewhere special too.
I can honestly say he is the greatest guy i've ever dated.
I am truly happy.(Which I wasn't when I was married.) I was
super nervous at first because he's not the "typical guy" I
would date but then again my "typical guy" never worked
out. I wondered for a while if it that saying was true
that "you'll know he's the one". I'm begining to think it
is. Sometimes I think he's too good to be true. :) We'll
see I guess. He has been nothing but great. I love the fact
that he puts me first. It's whatever I want to do or where
ever I want to go. He's so polite and just a true
gentleman. I could go on and on about him but I won't. haha
Or i'll just save it for up coming entries.
I know it's probably not the best thing to say but when I
got married I think deep down I knew it wasn't going to
work. We had so many differences. I am more of a go getter
and he was a bring it to me kind of guy. Not to mention
some other things we didn't have in common or agree on. I
don't blame myself for anything that happened just shoulda
opened my eyes sooner. And in sooner I mean before we got
married. But that has come and gone and life is good now.
Real good!
When me and the bf met we have kept this little
saying, "everything happens for a reason". So true!!!!
Whether good or bad I have definitely learned some great
lessons in life. I will just take them and contiue on.
The Backpacks for kids program is moving kinda slow. I have
a hard time pacing myself. When I want to do something I
want to do it now. haha It could be a good and a bad thing
at times. I put a call into the principal at a local
elementary and then went and met with her today at lunch.
She said she will get back to me and let me know if they're
interested. I know she probably has somethings to think
about but I would really like to know so I can either get
started or move on to a different school. I think this
program can really help some of these kids. I know Raven,
Kane and Chuck would adore a program like this but then
again I would miss them coming over for dinner.
It's sad to think that these kids look forward to going to
school on Monday just to eat breakfast and lunch for the
whole week. I know when Cade and Raven went to school
together she was always there to eat breakfast in the
morning. It's funny how you let little things like that
slide by without paying attention. I don't think I really
noticed there was even a problem until this summer. The
kids were calling a couple times a week to come "hang out".
Then when I would let them come over they would mention
here and there about how they wanted to eat dinner and hang
out with me. I thought it was a little weird at first but
then you catch on. I would feed them a few days a week
during the summer then I slacked of for a bit just cause I
need to take care of some personal stuff going on. I think
when there grandmother called asking if I knew of any
resources to help her get food I realized they were
My hopes are that this program will grow and then hopefully
not even need me as a so say "middle man". I would like to
think that grants and donations will turn something small
into something that these people enjoy donating to
continuously. I don't think to many people realize how much
of a problem it really is. I know I didn't. I just assumed
most of them were on foodstamps.
Well I need to get back to work. Only two and a half more
hours then it's off for two days. I could definitely use a
little break.

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