Confessions of a married woman
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2010-09-16 14:42:46 (UTC)


I'm so grateful for Facebook sometimes. Even though
sometimes I feel like a Facebook whore! I swear I think
we need to come up with Facebook Anonymous if there isn't
one already. Anyway, I became friends with my high school
and they have scanned all the yearbooks (well mostly) my
class (Class of 1996) was scanned so that was cool that I
was able to go through it and people have tagged
themselves on it, including one of my good friends Ma, I
havent seen her or talked to her for the longest time!
Since we were good friends in high school I decided to hit
her up and add her along with some others. She is a
psychologist and we were messaging each other for a
while. Anyway she wants to talk to me in person and I'm
so grateful. I can't wait till we meet for wine, coffee,
dinner whatever it will be so nice to see her again after
sooo many years! How time flies! In three months we will
be celebrating Christmas once again. I hate the holidays
(well not really but ever since I've been "alone") I
thought the holiday blues was a myth and its not. I've
been through it the past two years... and once again, I
will be going through it... soooo sad! :( Oh well what's
a girl gonna do? :) Anyway TGIAF!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking
forward to the weekend dolling up and trying to break some
hearts :P.

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