2010-09-16 11:00:27 (UTC)

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By carefully cleaning your liquid silver and Links of London Bracelets, you can
keep it looking its best.
Cleaning a piece of jewelry that features both liquid
silver and turquoise is tricky because the two materials
require different cleaning methods that must be kept
separate. Liquid silver refers to a form of heishi in which
many small, cylindrical, silver beads are strung together
to create a shimmering “liquid” effect.
Turquoise is a relatively soft stone that can be damaged
easily by any abrasive cleaning method. By carefully
cleaning your liquid silver and turquoise jewelry, you can
keep it looking its best.We’ve expanded our range of
earrings to include a number of retro, vintage and tiffany
styled pieces. Many of these pieces are finished in Links
of London online which gives the jewelry an
aged and classical appearance. As silver ages it takes on a
darker and more elegant feature prized in classical
jewelry. Thanks to modern jewelry manufacturing techniques
we are able to add this finish to our pieces while also
reducing the silvers resistance to tarnishing. Older
jewelry while beautifully styled is often delicate and
requires very special care. Our classically styled jewelry
is both more affordable and quite durable.