True Life
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2010-09-16 03:30:53 (UTC)

History- Entry 1

My life so far has had its share of difficulties and

I met Raymond January of last year (2009) and he portrayed
himself to be much more than he really is. He cheated on
me twice with an ex and still continued to see her
regularly to let her two boys and his son to play. I made
it known I did not like it, but let it continue. He had no
job for our entire relationship. He did his photography on
the side but it was not paying the bills. I got pregnant
in July(ish) and imediately he began accusing me of
cheating and the baby was not his. I got a job and worked
for 6 months of my pregnancy. Ray still had no job and
seemed to make little effort to look for one. Once my baby
boy was born things really fell down hill. I had an
infection of my c-section and was practically on bed rest
for almost 2 months. Ray still made little to no effort to
find a job. Things were stressful. HE told ME to go find a
job, and I left. Things were left messy and everything is
still a huge mess.

I have filed for sole custody. Raymond has not asked to
see his son. Maybe has seen him 3 times since June 20th.
Has bought 1 pack of diapers and 1 SMALL formula. No
effort is being made on his part to provide for his son.

I look back and I see that he did not love ME, he loved
what I was allowing him to use me for. I paid the bills,
rent, put food on the table for him, his son, and myself,
and the baby once he came. He has lied, cheated, and stole
from me. Oh the things I want(ed) to do to hurt him like
he has hurt me.

I have since moved on. I went on a date today with this
wonderful man. I even brought my boy. He has his
priorities straight and seems to have a good head on his
shoulders. I look forward to another day like today.

I appretiate feedback and others' thoughts.


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