teanage gypsy
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2010-09-15 23:08:17 (UTC)

Feeling blue!!!

Hey, all ya'll bloggers... checking in from nowheresville
U.S.A. Where watching the paint job is the main source of

Okay, here's a question: Who enjoys long walks on the
beach even if you don't live by one...?

What favorite singers and acters and actresses of all
time. including this and back in the generation?

Who i like this generation Hilary duff, miley cyrus,
Sandra Bullock, Juile roberts and so much more.... plus
Patsy cline, loretta lynn, Ronnie milsap... anyways time
to clean... Keap reading my online journal for more days
in a life of a gypsy woman.... I'll be here just getting
throught it.

P.S. Keep my little nieace in your prayers....