Bloody Kisses, And All That Come With Th
2010-09-15 21:10:14 (UTC)

Princess of Swords...

I ventured into the forgotten, moved boxes and found the one
I was looking for tonight (inspired by watching "psychic"
Sally) - I found my runes, and my tarot. I have been reading
runes for years, but tarot... tarot I had never read before

I laid for myself, first. Couldn't help myself... always
said I wouldn't read myself... but I feel so lost at the

First card out : Princess of Swords.
"Energetic, curious young woman who knows how to use both
the sharpness of her mind and the sharpness of her tongue.
Logic. Eagerness to argue."
I can't say that isn't my card... Anyone who knows me will
agree... eagerness to argue, curious young woman... The deck
knows more than I thought, it seems.

10 Swords - Ruin
"Painful conclusion of a project / work situation. Putting a
final end to undesirable situations, but that end can also
mean giving up enriching experiences. Loss of a job can be
both painful and liberating."
Doing a four month course at work at the moment... I'm only
sticking it out for the course. I hate my job, hate the
building... severely dislike most of the staff and their

9 Swords - Cruelty
"tormenting oneself with self-accusations. Punishing
yourself - trying to atone. With reasons help, temporarily
suppressed anxieties arise again. Aggressive behaviour
towards others. Cares and Depression. Overwhelmed by a
depressing atmosphere at work."
...don't think I'll ever forgive myself for some of my past
transgressions. Some days, it is harder than others to

"unexpected happy period. New beginnings. Evolution through consciously accepting one's fate. Feeling helpless and swept
I do feel out of control in my life... and I can't help but
think this card ties in with the next.

Prince of Disks
"Powerful, tenacious young man with an intimate connection
to the earth. Sensuality. Reliability. A sense of reality
but also authoritarian, materialistic, dogmatic and jealous tenancies. Enjoying earthly pleasures together. Becoming
aware of ones sensuality and learning to express and live it
This could, really, only apply to one person. The same
person in my life who made me aware of sensuality as opposed
to sexuality.

Interesting, no?

Allie, Princess of Swords x

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