Confessions of a married woman
2010-09-15 15:19:07 (UTC)

Banning sex from HIS life

Today is HER birthday, I found out by accident last year,
hell I dont' even remember how I found out.

I've been feeling Melancholic for the last couple of days.
I guess this time of year makes me feel this way
automatically. Yesterday I rode to and from work solo and
I was crying in my car. On the way in I recieved a text
from my X and is said:

Him: Hi. I'm sorry for the short notice but i'm going to
stay out tomorrow. I know what you're going to say
already so go ahead.
Me: Of course you are. Tomorrow is her birthday... I'm so
glad I didn't fuck you nor will I
Me: Anymore anyway.

I never heard back from him in regards to that matter.

I am so emotional right now it's not even cute I'm crying
as I'm typing this. Yesterday I framed some pictures of
my doggy, my best friend and I, my parents, my sister's
family, and as I was putting them inside frames, I
realized how lucky I am to have a such a supportive
family, it's wonderful. I can't alway count on them for
anything. My sisters went to visit me last night it was
nice hanging out with them and my baby nephew, I love
seeing him, he brings peace to my heart. His innocence is
so adorable, his smile is so contagious. I wish I was a
baby to have no worries in this world, just to be loved by
anyone who crossed my path. I want a baby of my own so
that he/she can bring me peace when I'm staring at
him/her :). I hpe that I can realize that in the near
future and quite honestly I dont' care being a single
mother so with anyone that is nice and good looking would
be fine :). I hope I feel better tonight while I'm home
alone. I like being home alone, without having to worry
about what's-his-face coming home. I can be chit chatting
ont he phone with whom ever I like or be on line chatting
with whom ever I like as well, without having to worry
about his ass being nosey.

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