Experienced Life
2010-09-12 21:10:31 (UTC)

My lame attempts to organize a home

Well, I tried to organize the house today. First and most
important, I put up blinds in the Master bathroom. I guess I
was being a pervert taking showers while the window wasn't
blocked but I didn't have a choice. Today, I finally put up
blinds for the bathroom!!! Yipee. Now the neighbors won't
get sick having dinner and having to see me

I set up my bed. Nice comforters and folded more clothes.
Did the laundry, and started on the kitchen too. I really
have to downsized so I threw away a bunch of stuff. I
already have two big bags of food that i will bring to work
and give it away for free. Oatmeal packets, snacks, etc.
Their still good but I have wayyyyy too much stuff in the
kitchen. I'm throwing away unopened bottles of stuff and
even some canned food.

So far, I think I managed to empty out about a dozen boxes
maybe. I still got a zillion more to go. Yes, I say zillion
because I feel like I didn't even put a dent in it.

I noticed you have to be a little artistic when you organize
too. I have zero artistic skills so you can imagine that the
house is still a mess.

The garage is still a mess. I sort of just started clearing
up stuff so that there at least is a path to get to the lawn
mower. I'm still at it and I feel sooooo tired but at least
it keeps my mind off of sex.

almost want to say that I need a fuck buddy but I have
learned my lesson and won't be doing any of that crap for
awhile. lol

Ok, I procastinated long enough. Back to the grind. Not much
in drama tonight. I didn't get a call from the Ex so it was
nice and quiet. Or it could be just like the eye or a storm.