Starrix Tigerlily

Hope, Lies, and Magick
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2010-09-13 04:09:04 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I'm stressed and I need to vent. Mikaela's been making
me feel horrible because she's throwing that party and I'm
being a lazy ass, even though she told me not to do
anything, because it would be a surprise.
Her problem was her dad wasn't letting her host it at
her house, so she proposed Old Poway Park. I reminded her
there was an event, and I hate it there anyway. So she
moaned and bitched, so I suggested the clubhouse. She
moaned that it cost $100, and I retorted that it was only
a deposit that you got back.
We walked to the office- and as fucking always, they
were closed. So we have no idea if we're just doing it at
the park anyway, or what. I don't know, but it's already
being a horrible birthday, and it's not even my birthday
yet. And everyone's fucking bugging me about what I want.
I left a list on the fridge, fuckers, go to it!
Operation Beautiful is being horrible. It's Club Rush
Tuesday and I don't have any posters, fliers, or fucking
just anything ready. I'm going to do a few Sweet Shoppe
sketches but I just feel horrible.
I just took my first birth control pill, which I
shouldn't have done, because my period should be coming
soon. It's really small and white. It makes me feel a
little grown up, seeing that little pill gone. I feel as
if I'm a woman, even though I'm not.
I told Andrew about my stress and he did the most sweet
thing a guy could promise; he talked it out with his
family, and he's inviting me over for a movie and a dinner
he's cooking all by himself. The sweetie! He's doing it at
his Grandma's house next Saturday.
Ooookay, so I have APEC, Algebra, Geoscience, and
Spanish homework. Wish me luck; I have an hour.
Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily