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2010-09-12 23:13:46 (UTC)

9/10 friday

-jack picked me up
-ate Mao leftover at home; fell asleep watching some old
horror movie he brought over;
-had sex in bed; told him not to come inside
-doc appt at 4; told me a lil bacteria infections, no
biggie; just insert 2 pills--doesn't look like any
STD--thank god!
-dinner at ABC in chinatown
-walked around fisherman's wharf; played a lil arcade--i'm
not good at those things at all
-dennis came to pick jack up; jack left with him to hang out
with them
-joe took me back to pick up car; i went to korean
supermarket for lashes some snacks
-mad at jack after work b/c he said he was tired and was
home sleeping! joe picked me up i was mad at jack all
night--well, i was drunk
-ate leftover again
-jack came to house at 5am; slept on couch