Starrix Tigerlily

Hope, Lies, and Magick
2010-09-12 21:30:29 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
All right, so what's up? Yesterday Andrew came over and
we had a great time. We went for Panda Express and Walmart
with my dad, and ate at home. Then we hang around in my
room for a while, looking up random crap. He was obviously
horny but I'm just so sick of everyday leading to
something sexual. I feel like a toy he tries to please and
then uses. I want a friend before a boyfriend. I've told
him this, and he'll be friendly for an hour and then go
right back into sex. I feel kind of used.
I went to morP last night, plastered in kid tattoos. I
had butterflies, skulls, roses and other things wrapped
around my arms, legs, throat, and face. When I arrived the
line was huge; I waited ten minutes before Kayla and Carly
called me over and I chilled with them. Right before I got
in they confiscated my glowsticks because apparently
they're dangerous; but they didn't even take my ticket.
I'm not kidding, they didn't even ask for it. I could have
not even bought one and gotten in.
Kayla and I looked around for Mikaela for a while, and
in the process saw some of our friends; London, Sheri,
Blake, other Mikayla, Hailey, Keaton, Christian, Sammy,
and Tim. Finally, we found her dancing near the side of
the room, and obviously we joined. I kind of went a little
crazy- the team picked amazing club mixes, and everyone
was having a blast.
I feared that I'd be freezing in my T-shirt and black
short-shorts, but I really wasn't. The club was hot, dark,
and blaring- I can't wait to grow up and go to real clubs!
After a bt of dancing, Mikaela and I went for a break
outside. I noticed her talking to these three outcast-y
looking guys, sitting wearily on a bench. I walked over
and instantly recognized one as a guy I'd seen in the
halls sometimes. He had shirt brown hair, brown eyes and
was kind of big.
"Michael," he introduced to me.
I looked over at the next guy, who had really short,
frizzy hair, and looked equally shy. He had hazel eyes.
Michael, Mikaela, Justin and I were talking when Mikaela
looked at me and said, "You're leaving that guy out!" She
pointed at a ginger with green eyes that I hadn't really
considered part of the group.
"What's your name?"
He mumbled something incoherent.
"Matt," he said slightly louder.
"Oh," I said, laughing. "You gotta speak up! Yell it!
I screamed his name; everyone laughed. I made a point to
yell his name every time I said something to him. Anyway,
Michael asked us all to dance, and we danced our night
away with the three of them- I, again, went all out with
my hips. There was a part at the very end where they
played "Don't Stop Believin'" and we all just screamed the
lyrics and danced our hearts out. I've never felt closer
to a group of people before.

Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily

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