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2010-09-12 11:28:11 (UTC)

Girls Birthday

9/11 was the now 8 yr old's birthday. I spent the night with
my social group last night because I knew that the ex wasn't
going to let me have the girl. I didn't even get a call from
the now 8 year old to say hi. What a bunch of thoughtless

I feel bad for the kids. I know they want to spend time with
me but like I indicated before, I don't have the fight in me
anymore. I did buy her the best portable DVD player I could
find on Amazon along with the headset and case that you can
hang on the backseat of a car. I even bought the extended
warranty that includes any type of drops, spills or whatever
for the first year. You know kids, they will end up doing
all the above to it.

The boxes got delivered in time and it sits here in my new
house. It's here for her whenever i can get it to her. The
ex is still playing her games but I'm too tired right now to
go over what she is saying and/or doing. Last thing she did
say was that she was going to transfer to a store that is
closer to where I live. She works at Evilmart(Walmart) and
there is one a mile or so away from where I live.

She says this just to fuck with my mind. What purpose? I
dunno. Partly to make like I will have more time with the
kids and partly so she can pretend to be more serious about
trying to persuade me to let her live back with me. Same old
bullshit but life is too short for me to play those games.

I do miss the kids. I whispered happy birthday to her before
I went to bed "alone" last night. Perhaps she heard me in
her dreams. :)

There is some good news for me. The lady I kind of like was
there last night. We got to talk some more and we are just a
little closer now. We haven't kissed or anything. I am
attracted to her but right now, a snail could beat us to a
romatic race. lol...

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