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2010-09-12 11:04:20 (UTC)

Blue Balls will get you all the time

It's been awhile. Lots have happened since I last wrote. Not
sure if I should or shouldn't post this one. It's sort of
bad and not too proud of myself but here goes.

I think I wrote about the "psycho psychologist" and how she
was in heat big time? Well, we went out with the group again
but this time, we had three of us so I thought it would be
safer to go out as a group.

We went bar hopping and although I'm not into that anymore,
I went along anyway. Not much going on with my life right
now anyway so I may as well keep my social life open. We
went to several bars having a drink or two at each bar. I
wasn't driving so I felt ok to do this. After a few bars and
drinks, "psycho psychologist" once again was pawing at me
and this time in front of our friend. I kept telling her to
leave me alone and I wasn't comfortable with it. I had to
deal with this all night long.

Anyway, the night eventually came to an end. Our driver
dropped me off and I was suppose to take "P-P" (short for
psycho psychologist) home since she lived closer to me and
the driver had a ways to go.

It happened. I finally broke down and caved in. Yup, we did
it. Before we did it, I made sure she understood that we
were not in love or anything like that. There was no future
romance or marriage in sight. She knew and even said that if
I met anyone that I really liked in the group we were in,
that she would not be making any waves about it.

Now the details of what went on. I'm not bragging or
anything like that. There is more to it so you will have to
follow me on it. There is a reason why I'm telling you all this.

We went into my new home. Not much has been set up yet. My
bed wasn't assembled, some boxes and hardly anything moved
in yet. The house hardly came with any blinds or curtains
except for one of the kids bedrooms.

showed her around and we mutually started kissing in the
hallway. Even there, people might be able to see into the
house because of lack of curtains. She was starting to moan
and groan and it got hot and heavy. She may have so no once
but I am sure that I didn't use any physical force to do
anything to her. She was tounguing me like a hungry snake. I
opened her button to her shorts and started stroking her
pussy from the outside of her panty. I stopped kissing her
lips and went down on her. While I was licking her pussy, I
completly removed her shorts.

After about 10 min of this, she took two steps and laid down
on the floor begging me to screw her. Well, she was actually
laying right outside the hallway naked from the waist down.
I said that there are no blinds where she was and that
everyone around the neighborhood would be able to see us.
Looking around now, I see that there are 4 different sets of
windows and the sliding glass door that would have been able
to see us.

I persuaded her instead to go into the bedroom that had the
one curtain for privacy. She followed me and and I went on
top of her. We were on the carpeted floor and that was not
the easiest for my knees (lol. sucks to be old). We were
grinding it out for about ten min before I asked her to
switch on go on top of me. She did and she fucked me like a
tiger!!! I swear that I hoped she didn't go up to high on
her upstroke because if we dislodged and she slammed back
down on me, she would have killed my best friend. lol.

Ok, so after about 10 min of that, she got off and started
to give me head. That's always nice for a guy cause we don't
have to do anything but layback and enjoy. 10 min later, it
was my turn. I fingered her for about 10 min and then I went
back on top of her again.

All throught this, she was moaning and telling me how it
felt so good and all that. While I was pumping her, it was
not the best because she would sort of slide back as I
pumped into her. Well, she just all of a sudden reached back
while she was laying on her back to brace the impact while I
was humping her.

That made it feel much better. She wasn't sliding around
anymore and it went deeper into her. I arched back a little
too at time to give her every inch I could muster. I
eventually was close to coming.

I told her this and she said not to worry, she was too old
and can't get pregnant. So I came inside her. When I was
done, she said to just stay inside for a little while cause
it felt good for her. I did for another 5 minutes. Not the
most comfortable feeling after a guy comes but I figure
that's the least I could do for someone letting me have sex
with them.

That was the end of that night. We cleaned up and I took her
home. No problemo right??? Well, here is the part two of this.

I emailed her about a week later asking her if we were ok. I
was a little uncomfortable with our situation because we are
in a social group that hang out together. Since we had sex
and even though we talked about it, I wasn't sure how to
approach the situation. Her reply shocked the hell out of me.

She all of a sudden said that I forced myself on her. She
said that it wasn't exactly rape but that I was the
instigator of what happened and that it was I that was
coming on to her. She said that she said "no" and that I
pinned her to the wall that night. WTF?? She also said that
she was too old to be playing games and that she isn't
looking for a f-buddy! Pretty much sums it up that I was
always after her and that I forced myself on her!!! What a
bee-aaatch!!! She is the very one that says that when we go
out, it is up to the individual to drink responsibly.

Well, the P-P said that she didn't exactly refuse my coming
on to her but she was (drum roll please) "drunk". It's as if
what she did didn't count cause she was drunk!!! Fuck that!!!

She was the one that started this weeks ago. She was the one
that started playing footsies with me at the restaurant at
our last group event. She had taken her shoes off and
started playing footsies with my cock and balls. She is the
one that was telling me to spend the night at her place. She
was the one that was begging for me to kiss her! I know I
was at fault for teasing her that night by running my finger
around the waist of her panty but she was the one that just
pulled her pants out and out of the way so I could touch her
pussy (I didn't that night). Now I am a borderline rapist?

She even told our friend that was with us that night that I
was the one that attacked her all night long. My friend set
her straight and told P-P that she got it wrong. It was her
that was pawing at me all night long.

I tell you, some people have selective memory. Even
Psychologist are weird too. I can't believe people pay her
to get help. Poor souls. May as well make a deal with the devil.

Anyway, we had a social last night with the same group. This
time, I see that P-P was playing nicey-nice with another
group member. That's when I put it together. P-P was trying
to make like she was innocent and a goody-goody because she
found herself a new beau. The friend that was with us the
other night saw this too and we both laughed at the
situation. Withing a few weeks, P-P found her love of her
life (yeah right) with someone in the group and now had to
save her reputation amongst us.

So men, be careful when you have blue balls. Sometimes its
just not worth it. Plan as you may for a fuck-buddy, there
are still complications.

There are some things that I'm not proud of here. So much
for being the nice guy. Not so noble now huh? Still, I can
say that P-P was the only women I had sex with since the Ex.
Apparently, P-P already screwed around 5 men in the group.
She confessed that to a couple of us when we went drinking
that faithfull night.