The Real Me
2010-09-12 03:19:23 (UTC)

Down again

So, I think i was obbsesing for no reason. I saw V today...and
yeah was a good day until I forgot to close the car
window...and he parked and we didnt realize it was open for 2
hours unnatended by us. Yes I know how retarded of me...its
made me reavaluate my life. I feel as if I get nothing NOTHING
not even a godamn job. Noddy got the job I wanted well he got
an interview why? the manager was a woman he flirted with her
straight after I went in so yes she fell for his looks even
though I had more of a extensive CV. I know I sound jealous Im
happy for him, Its not just that, it was about not getting v
too but i think im over that =| and Tiffany getting interviews
with no exeprience on her cv and me with 7 and she somehow
gets to be su flirt girl hence free entry to the uni events
and free drinks and she gets to promote it and wear the
outfits, im so happy for her but it makes me feel like I get
nothing. I need money more then anything right now..i could do
with free entry. Anyways I felt that way for a while until
well...few hours ago where i realized i should stop putting
myself down. However the window incident made me think im just
not good enough for anything im so dumb i forgot to shut the
window how the hell is anyone gonna give a stupid girl a job.

I just need some luck, I need something good to come my way. I
need something good to just happen to me for once. Its been a
while since anything good happened.