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2010-09-12 01:30:29 (UTC)

sick and lonely

i am back!

over the long months, many things have happened. Kay-kay
is now talking to me again, my tendonitus is better, and i
no longer like connor. but now i like this guy jace. the
problem with jace is that we use to be really close
friends in elementary school, and then we just stopped
talking to eachother (it probually had something to do
with boys and cooties i dont really remember). well
anyways, we started talking at the end of the last school
year, and well he is probually one of my best friends now.
i am almost sure he doesnt feel the same way i do and
well, i dont want to ruin our new friendship.

right now i have bronchitus and pneumonia, so i am on bed
rest. it really stinks. because i had time away frim
school(since im sick) i started thinking about my life
right now. i have a bunch of people that i talk to, and a
lot of people that act nice to me BUT, i feel like no one
really understands me, like i am the only one in the room.
have you heard the saying that someone feels like they are
in a room screaming but no one is listening, well that is
how i feel.

my depression is getting worse, its because my
realationship with my mom is also bad. the only
conversation we have anymore is her yelling at me to stop
hanging on her. funnily enough she thinks i am hanging on
her if i just walk into the room she is in. i spend most
of my time in our family office because my mom never is in
here. i feel like i have to lock my self away from her,
and i dont understand why, all i really want is for a mom
that asks me how school was. and really cares about the

bye for now(hopefully i will update sooner)

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