Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
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2010-09-09 17:31:30 (UTC)

Things seem good

Ever since the DUI things seem better with how he treats
me, more loving. He even texted me to just to ask How my
day was going....he rubbed my back when I was trying to
fall asleep, and admitted he lost his wedding ring but he
is buying another one. What is going on? Does he believe
that treating me cold but saying he loves me has brought
him bad luck....whatever it is I pray it last.

It feels good to feel loved.

Why havent they named that baby's so ridiculous!
I just don't understand these stupid azz kids these days.
If you love the child give it a name, don't they know that
the name helps forms the baby's personality. Don't they
know that the baby will probably have issues with identity
and won't even know why....God help them.

My thoughts and prays are with A, she is struggling so much
with this's hard on her I pray God sends her
the strength she needs to get over the hump and move on, I
love her so much and it hurts me too. I feel like it's my
fault somehow.

I'm so looking forward to the EPIC and a week away from it
all. God grant me the strength to make it through.