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Hope, Lies, and Magick
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2010-09-09 03:52:57 (UTC)

Drama Day- Again

Dear Diary,
Okay, so Robert was coughing "Slut!" into his jacket
every time I passed by. In the morning, I felt the cold
shoulder without Andrew. Damian's group- including fucking
Robert- just kept staring at me evilly.
I tried to roam around and make it look like I have
better places to be, but I ended up just asking Carly
where Mikaela was before I traveled back.
When I got back, Austin came up and hugged me, and
started dragging me away by the hand, telling me about a
GIRL he's in love with. Funny thing is, the whole time I
was hugging him and telling him I was so proud, the group-
especially Damian- just kept staring at me. Robert coughed
slut at me when I passed him by, and I just ignored him.
PE was refreshing. We had a run where I just
contemplated my situation.
Break. I just ran to Fav's and back with Mikaela, and
the whole time- again- they just couldn't take their eyes
off me.
Third period- easily boring.
Lunch: I walked around with Urte and Kelly for a little
while; (we were all playing Guitar Hero, then we watched
the "They Rapin' Errybody Out Here") and I grabbed my
camera for facebook pictures.
I took some of everyone, when Urte grabbed me by the
hand and ran me to Dakota for some pictures, who was
sitting right by Damian. Damian just cast me a terrified
glance and looked away, glancing at me every few seconds.
I just pretended all was well, I snapped a few photos of
Dakota, and just now, like the pathetic idiot I am, went
back through the photos and looked at Damian a few times.
Well, Robert called me a slut (again) and I've had it. I
didn't even know his name until a few hours ago, so next
time he says it, I'ma call him out. I'm planning on it
going like this:
"Haha, *cough* slut."
"Okay, why the fuck do you think I'm a slut?"
*He'll be confused, pretending he doesn't know what I'm
talking about*
"You keep calling me a slut. Listen, I don't even
fucking know your NAME. How the fuck would you know? next
time, before blantantly listening to someone label me, try
to seduce me yourself. And when you fail because I'd NEVER
go out with an ugly piece of shit like you- then you'll
realize I'm not a fucking slut. Now shut your fucking
worthless mouth.
And then I'll report him to the office like a good girl
should. Maybe I won't cuss, though, so I'll look better.
And when I throw around the words "I feel afraid" and "Not
safe in school" and "Sue"- I'll get results.
I asked Damian if Josh was okay, and he called me and
was just treating it all like a joke. This so figures. I
told him that Robert "might" be reported by "one of my
friends" and that guys have been asking me out because
they think I'm easy.

Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily

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