Life In My Words
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2010-09-09 02:19:18 (UTC)


its been a while! aha so i officially a high schooler.

and no. guys. are. of. interest.
dont get me wrong, we got some pretty hot guys at our
school. oh yeah. i like this guy, player. he
asked me to his game tomorrow and i might go..but anoter
guy, um lets call arts pal (coming from the
facct that hes in my design arts class.) he likes me. hes
cute. hes black. im white. andim not saying im racist, im
saying its weird. i have never liked biracial
relationships. however, design arts pal is kinda cute. of
course not as cute as soccer playe, but hey. take what you
can get(: and me and mr. ex are still JUST best friends
and i love it. well, considering i have to write a whole
freaking newspaper by tomorrow,i should go..


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