In the life of a highschooler
2010-09-09 01:37:39 (UTC)

2nd day of Highschool... (:

Y'know, when I was younger I had always dreamed of being
like a teenager and being in highschool...and well...its
not all its cracked up to be. I mean its not bad its just
not as great as it seemed on tv.. So today was my second
day, which means it was a B day (because we have block
scheduling) and it was GREAT again. I went to health/p.e.
and I saw my friend Rianna that I haven't seen since 6th
grade! haha! we used to get into so much trouble! so she
sat behind me in the health room and pointed to this boy,
who was overweight, across the room. (not trying to be
mean or anything...) and she said "you see him?" i was
like "yeah...?" haha then she said "thats my SEXY DADDY"
hahahaha i was weak! then somehow we got onto the topic of
having a stripper pole outside and she said that they have
thier mouth opened, wind blowin, bugs and shit blowin in
their mouths and dont care. lol. it was fantastic. plus I
have study hall with Kaitlyn (: and we have like three or
four classes together so -bonus!- haha. Ive made up my
mind that i like A days better but both are pretty good.
(: well, until tomorrow.

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