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2010-09-08 07:55:45 (UTC)

9/7/10 tuesday

-went to sleep at 4:30 woke up at 10:30 by phone calls
again--the container from Houston is here early again; had
stamping order and ask Jose to get guys
-got up at 2pm left house at 3pm office emailing made appt
for annual check up
-checked on them unloading. drove to Anthony's shop to meet
up w/t jack&joe. he tried to buff off but still see the
cracks. so i asked him to still take off the bumper and paint
-drop off joe came back. stopped mipublo for trash
bags water soda, etc
-came home no food, heat up leftover roast duck, shared with
jack watching a movie
-joe came with cantonese togo, ate some watching movies
(borrowed from anthony)
-finally called mom but she is with lin so can't talk much.
don't know when i will call her again