Starrix Tigerlily

Hope, Lies, and Magick
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2010-09-08 02:07:55 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Highlight of my day? Woke up, ten out of ten on the APEC
quiz, easy day in Geoscience...
I went to the Club Presidents meeting. Operation
Beautiful was approved. We got some sort of finance sheet,
a Club Rush table, and a few other things.
When I got out to go see my bunny, I saw two golf carts-
one dragging Damian away- and a whole mess of people
clustered around where Damian's group hangs.
Andrew- no where in sight.
I knew what happened before I asked, but I asked anyway;
Andrew got in a fight with Josh, and Damian broke it off.
Oh, seriously, God bless Damian. That boy... that boy is
amazing, whether Andrew accepts it or not.
Anyway, I went to the office with Mikaela, and while
talking to the lady at the front desk, I saw Josh, who was
looking back at me. He had a cut under a black eye,
various bruises, and a little blood under his nose. I
I saw a sign that said "Disipline Office", and nudged
Mikaela, who dragged me in there. Thinking we'd get kicked
quickly out, I looked around. Josh was dragged into the
nurse's office, and Damian was hunched in a hall, writing
down something on a paper.
Mikaela took me into some a office and quickly said to
the woman, "My friend lost her phone."
I bought into the lie quickly; my honey was in a chair,
writing a report three feet away from me! I winked at him
and said, "Uh, yeah, my phone's white..." I laughed and
quickly coughed, "I think my brother took it, but just to
be sure..."
He smiled at me and ran his fingers down my thigh. I
studied him. He looked unhurt, in fact, he was very
cheery. Like, Joker cheery.
We had to leave, but I had seen that my baby was okay.
Now, to worry about Josh. I genuinely feel bad for Josh;
he's a lot smaller than Andrew, and his ego had given him
fake confidence- or lies- that he'd be able to "kick
Andrew's ass."
Poor Josh. I really commend Damian and Taylor both for
splitting them apart. Things could have gotten really
ugly. If only I'd been there.
Ugh. Anyway, this guarantees that Josh, Damian,
Charisse, and Taylor will hate Andrew and I for the rest
of eternity. Which is amazing. Why am I always judged by
my boyfriends?
Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily