In the life of a highschooler
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2010-09-08 01:36:04 (UTC)

Highschool, Day One...

So today was my first day of high school. At first I was
pretty sketched out because I had left my schedule at my
friends house and she couldn't find it. I went to her house
and we walked to the bus stop together. Dude, like no lie
were the only two white girls there. But when the bus
came it was alright because not that many people were there
and the bus driver was really cool; she put the radio on.
when I get to school I went to the office and got a new
schedule, turns out the one I had originally was wrong
anyway...First bell was okay, one of my really good friends
was in there, and the teacher's really cool. Haha. He was
talkin about evolution and got on the ground like a chimp
another teacher knocked on the door and asked "what are you
doing?" my teacher laughed and said "actin like an ape" "I
see...." haha I love highschool. but today was only an A
day..I wonder what tomorrow will bring.....?

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