Miss Lost

Beautiful Disaster
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2010-09-08 00:43:29 (UTC)

Asshole Boyfriend

Ugh!!! Today Susan gave me $50.00 and Steven $25.00. Well I
was suppose to get senior pics taken but I didn't so I kept
the sitting fee of $28.00. That put me at $78.00. Then I
got 4 more for going to Subway for Maw Maw. Then I had
$82.00 and I had a dollar earlier so I had $83.00 total.
Well I bought $40.00 worth of weed from Steven so he could
re-up then he needed ten more so I gave him ten more and a
minute ago he needed 15 more. Now I have $13.00 and he
swears I will get it back but honestly I doubt it hard
time. He doesnt even let me touch the weed I bought from
him. He decides when we smoke and how much. He wouldn't
even let me roll either of the two blunts we smoked. Why
are guys such asses? He will smoke all my cigs and I would
die before I asked him for one. He is using me just like he
did before. I can't believe I am letting this happen again.
My life sucks! I want a car and my nails done. That is
never going to happen. It's not fair. He uses everyone and
he has came in me every time we have had sex the past 12 or
so times. I hope I don't get pregnant because if I do im
going to have an abortion. I guess life does get worse :/
Tuesday September 7th 8:43pm